New Interference fringe analyzer | Enhanced UI and analysis function

fringe analyzer

Interference fringe analyzer: IFM

We have released a new interference fringe analysis software IFM analyzer since 2020.
This software offers a wide range of operational features and a comprehensive data analysis.
The IFM analyzer is useful for quality assurance by numerically analyzing and visualizing surface accuracy and transmitted wavefront accuracy from interference fringes observed by a laser interferometer.
We can also retrofit (improve the old model) by installing IFM on your interferometer.
Currently it is usable in Windows 10 environment, we gradually support IFM analyzer in favor of the Operation System update and release.


【Main features of IFM】

- Easy operation even for beginners by operating the icon screen.

- Introduction of image processing software improves the accuracy of automatic mask setting
 and phase unwrappingcompared to the conventional algorithm.

- Equipped with Auto-calibration function, enabling strong analysis against disturbances such as vibration and air fluctuations.
- Not only PV value (peak-to-valley), RMS value (root mean square), Seidel aberration (spherical / coma / astigmatism), 3D (bird's-eye view), 2D (contour map), cross-section analysis,

but also IRR (Irregularity) and RSI (Rotationally Symmetric Irregularity) analysis of ISO 10110-5 Compliant.

- Measurement analysis results can be saved in various format files.
  → Save the analysis results measured continuously in a csv format file.
  → Report function: Save and print the analysis result display screen.
    → Zernike coefficients output compatible with CodeV and Zemax formats of optical design evaluation software.
- Added various new analysis functions.
  → Zernike coefficients: Can be analyzed with both Fringe Zernike and Standard Zernike coefficients.
  → Analysis of user-defined functions: Calculation using output values such as Zernike, PV, Coma, Power, etc.

  → Enhanced frequency analysis: Low pass / High pass / Band pass / spike noise removal.

  (※) Some of the above functions are under development
【IFM analysis screen example】

fringe analyzer
【Main specifications of IFM】



 IFM interference fringe analysis software
 Phase shifter (piezo drive system)
 Control driver (phase shifter drive, image data A / D conversion, etc.)
 PC, PC rack
Analysis item  PV value, RMS value, bird's eye view, contour map, cross section, Seidel aberration
 ISO compliant: IRR (Irregularity), RSI (Rotationally Symmetric      Irregularity)
 Zernike coefficients: Fringe Zernike (36 Item), Standard Zernike (45 Item)
 User-defined functions, frequency analysis, etc.
Analysis pixels  Standard: 640 x 480 pixels (custom: 3M pixels)
Gradation  10bit
Power supply  AC100V 50/60Hz  2A